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In-Shop Repairs

Echelon Computer Technologies, Inc. has been in the computer repair business for over 19 years. After receiving your device, we will repair your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices in the quickest, most convenient, and cost effective manner. We realize how important your technology is to you.


On-site Repairs

Not all  repairs can be done at our shop, sometimes it’s necessary to have one of our team members come to your location to resolve the problem – something we are no stranger to doing. We can come out to your home or office anywhere in the Tampa area and perform the repair in a fast and professional manner.

Network Repairs

Can’t connect to your wireless?  Network seems to be slowing to a crawl? Are you files transferring slowly? This could be a sign of network errors or an incorrect configuration. Repairing a wired or wireless network can be rather challenging, don’t go through the hassle of trying to figure it out yourself or wasting your company’s valuable resources to due to lost work time.  Let our experienced team come troubleshoot your issues and reconfigure your network to prevent future issues.

Server Repairs

Every business faces the trouble of server failures – even us. When a server goes down, time is critical, not only due to the business lost during the server’s down time but because of a possible data loss that may occur if the server is left running during a malfunction. Our personnel have performed repairs on all brands of server and know not only how to resolve the issue but how to take the necessary precautions to keep your data safe during all the stages of the repair.

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